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Stephane Thermal Runs

Home of FALK thermal profiling for Bakeries.

"Step back in time with me, some 10,000 years ago, to the cradle of civilization in the Middle East, where the art of bread baking first took root. Since then, it's journeyed across the globe, reinventing itself into a mosaic of styles, flavors, and textures as varied and beautiful as the world itself. Yet, in the bustling heart of our modern, industrial bakeries, we've begun to weave art and science together.

Temperature, the silent partner in this culinary dance, is the key to consistency and waste reduction. And this is where the magic of my FALK, multiple-probe data technology takes center stage.


Welcome! I'm Stephane Fjelddahl. I firmly believe in the potential for improvement that lies within everything around us. Harnessing my deep-seated expertise in the baking industry, my ambition is to forge innovative tools that turn this belief into reality, rising to perfection, just like a well-baked loaf of bread."


My Story

Passion and experience

Having grown up with Scandinavian roots in France (where folks know a bit about bread), I’ve always had a passion for baking.
After spending 18 years with East Balt Bakeries (acquired by Grupo Bimbo in 2017) as a project manager, where I innovated in industrial bakeries throughout Europe, I set off solo in 2015.
That’s when I founded Mountdale, which handles technical projects for industrial bakeries solely. Now, I'm launching a spin-off called StephaneThermalRuns entirely dedicated to temperature curves in bakeries, for proofing, baking or cooling.



My idea came about in April of that year. A client sought my help to troubleshoot an oven with way too much convection. I quickly devised a system with a GoPro camera to study a baking pan covered in crumbs.

Once I sent the pan through a cold oven, I could easily notice the excess convection after the crumbs started to fly around. This sparked my idea to conduct the same study, but in a hot oven. Ten versions down the road, the FALK DIGITAL IMPROVER was operational—cameraless, but with multiple temperature probes and an app to boot.

Photo 18-04-2015 14 09 46 copie.jpg


Todayafter 26 years in the baking industry, I’m proud to introduce FALK, my bun-centric solution for industrial bakers. FALK combines hardware and software to accurately understand what is happening inside the oven.

Patent-pending multiple probe data open up new possibilities for analyzing data, providing you with insights to improve your baking process and optimize the S-curve.

The web platform requires no installation, making it easy to work from anywhere. Updates are automatic. With data analysis and artificial intelligence, you can even compare oven runs and characteristics between different ovens.

The system’s probes delve deep “inside” the bun to monitor it along its journey through the oven. That means less waste and more uniform results.

Capture d’écran 2023-03-19 à 08.09.13.png
Capture d’écran 2023-03-23 à 11.13.19.png

With the right tools, you can get more out of your existing systems without resorting to expensive replacements.

Stephane Fjelddahl

Personal belief



My personal belief is in the power of continuous improvement.

With the right tools, you can get more out of your existing systems without resorting to expensive replacements.

I want to help you squeeze the last drop from the orange and attain that last percentage—the hardest to reach. My "why" is rooted in the belief that I can help you attain your goals by improving your baking process.

 “Bake better with better data”

If you’re a serious industrial baker and wish to achieve perfect consistency and reduce waste, The FALK device is what you’ve been seeking. My bun-centric solution is designed to provide you with the data and insights you need to improve your baking process. I’m committed to helping you reach your goals and achieve the best possible results.

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