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Stephane Thermal Runs

Leave behind hand-positioned probes.
Get reliable data from your baked products.

For precise baking and assured food safety, core temperatures are crucial. Manual probe placement leads to inaccuracies, compromising data quality.


Introducing FALK, a comprehensive solution for thermal profiling that is both easy to use and produces reliable data. FALK features a highly optimized probe positioning system paired with a modern web application. This app not only generates essential metrics but also includes collaborative features to enhance your bakery operations.

BakeSpike Probe Positioner

High-quality bread data, regardless of the operator.

The quality of bread hinges on the quality of its ingredients, just as effective thermal profiling depends on high-quality data.


FALK offers specialized solutions tailored to different baked products. For buns, the solution includes the BakeSpike, a patented probe positioning device that accurately places and maintains several probes in predetermined locations within the dough piece throughout the baking process.


This tool ensures consistent and reliable data, regardless of the operator, and is just one example of FALK's range of highly specific probe positioning systems.


Product-centric charts and metrics

FALK CLOUD ANALYTICS transforms the data captured by the accurate probe devices into insightful charts and metrics, accessible through a user-friendly web application.

This powerful tool allows users to compare up to 9 baking runs, both visually in charts and numerically in metrics, enhancing the ability to analyze and refine baking processes.


All metrics are displayed automatically, providing instant insights without any user input needed.


The web-based architecture of FALK CLOUD ANALYTICS ensures a seamless experience with no need for installation, updates, or license keys, enabling easy access from any device with internet connectivity.

Charts of temperatures taken from the core of baked products
screenshot of a web application showing the metrics that are automatically calculated for each bake curve

Not only in ovens

FALK is engineered to navigate the harsh environments of ovens.

Its versatility also enables it to capture insights during the proofer stage and throughout the cooling process.


This functionality ensures comprehensive monitoring and improves quality control across all stages of production.

Image of a hamburger bun where the seeds are replaced with numbers


Ready for AI and ML.

The FALK CLOUD ANALYTICS web application has been meticulously designed from the ground up with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) capabilities at its core.


This forward-thinking architecture not only enhances data analysis but also supports integration with enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and manufacturing execution systems (MES) through flexible APIs.

No, No, No...

  • No lose wires

  • No proprietary file format

  • No licence-key

  • No installation

  • No driver

  • No need for updates (they are automatic)

  • No proprietary cables 

screenshot of a web application showing the temperature curves from bread during bake.

"First we gather reliable, high-quality data. 

Then FALK CLOUD ANALYTICS app transforms it into actionable insights, elevating your decision-making process."

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